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4th Salento International Film Festival - Norway & Iceland 2022



4th Salento International Film Festival - Norway & Iceland 2022

From Monday February 14th to Sunday February 27th The Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo presents the 4th Edition of the Oslo and Reykjavik Salento International Film Festival. Due to Covid19, this year the Festival will be live in Oslo and in streaming.

The event is FREE, but registration for seeing it online is mandatory and open from Thursday February 3 at 7am until February 27 at 6 pm through

A project that confirms its international prestige and is characterized by its high-quality contents and an accurate research on contemporary cultural expressions.
SIFF is an intimate, intense and passionate film festival sharing stories from all over the world with the awareness that cinema is one of the most powerful forms of cultural communication and link between cultures and peoples.
SIFF continues its mission by sharing with the audience the work of independent cinema, Italian and international movies from all over the world, a unique opportunity to watch the real International Independent Cinema.

4 feature films make up this year program (see more information below):

D MINOR directed by Giuseppe Ferlito candidate for the Davide of Donatello Award 2022, one of the most prestigious awards in Italy. Music is the beating heart of the story involving Mimí, an experimental musician who returned to Sicily to renew his art.

ADVENTURES ITALIAN STYLE directed by Antonio Pisu, a road movie based on a true story that tells the adventurous journey of three Italian boys in a country still under the Soviet dictatorship.

THE LAST MOVIE PAINTER a documentary directed by Walter Bencini, A thrilling journey through the world of Renato Casaro, one of the most important living illustrators that the world's film poster industry has ever known.

THE MATCH a film by Francesco Carnesecchi, we are not just talking about football but about suburban lives, about those people who try to survive in an environment where poverty and corruption dominate .. 

All the films will be available online, but we've selected the following two films for live screening here at the Institute:

***Wednesday February 16 at 18:30: D MINOR - please register here (for free)

***Wednesday February 23 at 18:30: ADVENTURES ITALIAN STYLE - please register here (for free)


Four feature film not to be missed!

Information on the films and synopsis:

A Film by Giuseppe Ferlito | Italy 2020 | 122 min.
Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Winner Best Film at Salento Intl Film Festival 2021

Mimì was born in a small town in Sicily and from a very young age he played the drum in the town band. This passion will lead him to London to study Sound Engineering. Here he will meet Mirella, a girl from Florence with whom he will go to live. The two want to have a child and Mimi's father also wants one, who encourages them to return to Sicily. To welcome the couple, in addition to the father, there is also Corona, the school's music teacher, who decides to host the boys in his own home. While Mimì wanders through the countryside, to transform the sounds of nature into music, Mirella remains alone and subjected to the curious gazes of the people of the town, perceiving the discomfort of a society that does not belong to her. The parish priest, fascinated by Mimì's music, proposes it in her church, preferring it to her Corona's one, which is then bypassed. These events will unleash a series of tensions in the Sicilian community.

A film Antonio Pisu | Italy 2020 |104 min.
Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Winner Best Soundtrack at Salento Intl Film Festival 2021

1989. A few weeks before the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Pago, Rice and Bibi, twenty-four (twenty-five) years old, leave the calm city of Cesena looking for adventure: a ten-days-long holiday in Eastern
Europe, in those places where the Soviet regime is still alive. As they get to Budapest, they meet Emil, a Romanian fleeing from the dictatorship in his country. The man is worried for his family that still lives in Romania, so he asks the three Italians for help. It’s an easy task: take a suitcase to his wife and daughter. Out of pity and looking for a thrill, the three friends head to Bucharest, in the heart of Ceausescu’s dictatorship. Without knowing what is waiting for them, in a journey beyond their imagination, Pago, Rice and Bibi will find themselves in a country under the dictatorial regime, involved in surreal situations and surrounded by unlikely characters that will seriously put their lives at risk. Among many plot twists, the three protagonists will understand the true worth of the things that every day we take for granted. They will find themselves, strengthen their friendship and join forces to accomplish the most important mission in their lives.

A film by Walter Bencini | Italy 2020 | 90’
Language: Italian with English Subtitles
Winner Best Documentary at Salento Intl Film Festival 2021

A thrilling journey through the world of Renato Casaro, one of the most important living illustrators that the world’s film poster industry has ever known. The artist reveals sketches, memories, posters and personal feelings regarding the golden age of Italian cinema and its personalities. Extraordinary tales from a world that no longer exists, but which takes us far away, leaving behind an adventurous and all-consuming nostalgia.

A Film by Francesco Carnesecchi | Italy 2019 | 90 min.
Language: Italian with English Subtitles

On the football field you decide not only the fate of the championship, but the life of those who have decided to change their lives. Who for money as Italo, the president of "Sporting" who has played everything he has on the result - who for honor, like Mr. Bulla, the coach who has never won nothing - and who to pursue a dream, like Antonio, the team captain who wants to become a footballer. While outside the field the world continues to live, to die and to be full of contradictions, during the match the time it stops because that is the most important moment of all time


Data: Da Lun 14 Feb 2022 a Dom 27 Feb 2022

Organizzato da : IIC Oslo; SIFF

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