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1st Iceland Salento International Film Festival



1st Iceland Salento International Film Festival

From Friday November 8th to Saturday November 9th, in collaboration with the Italian Embassy in Oslo, the Italian Cultural Institute and the University of Iceland presents the 1st Edition of Iceland Salento International Film Festival that will take place at the Iceland University in Reykjavik. Iceland has a notable cinema film industry, with many Icelandic actors having gone on to receive international attention. One of the most famous productions, and the only one to be nominated for the Academy Award and European Film Awards, is Börn náttúrunnar (Children of Nature), directed by Friðrik Þór Friðriksson. This film brought Icelandic cinema to the international scene.
The SIFF project confirms its international prestige characterized by its high quality contents and an accurate research on contemporary cultural expressions. SIFF is an intimate, intense and passionate film festival that aims at making the world a more compassionate place, through cinema, and through sharing stories from all over the world, aware that cinema is one of the most powerful forms of cultural communication and bond between cultures and peoples
For the 1st edition of the Iceland Salento International Film Festival the highlight is on 3 Italian films: the international premiere “Mai per Sempre” (Never Forever) directed by Fabio Massa, a dramatic story of friendship, love and an internal struggle between good and evil, and a short retrospective of the Italian Film-Director from Salento Edoardo Winspeare.
We are honored to introduce Edoardo Winspeare, Italian film-maker from Salento, who present his two most recent movies; "Quite Bliss" (2014) and “Ark of Disperata” (2017).
Edoardo Winspeare is a very unique director who, recounting his own region, has confirmed his enormous skill in the use of language, subject matter and universal feelings. His films, which have won prizes at the Venice and Rome festivals, and been released in more than 30 countries, are all set and filmed in Salento Puglia. His characters speak in Salento dialect, a distinct language from Italian that requires subtitles outside of Puglia.

NEVER FOREVER by Fabio Massa | Italy 2019 | 85’ | English Subtitles
A dramatic story of friendship, love and an internal struggle between good and evil. It is the life of Luca, a young man who, despite the comfort of his family, prefers to break his back in a workshop he owns far from Naples where he grew up and where his mother Silvana still lives with her new husband, Saverio, a prestigious lawyer , of which Luke does not share the evil way of being and behaving.
The producer, director and actor Fabio Massa will introduce the film and a Q&A after the screening.

QUITE BLISS by Edoardo Winspeare | Italy 2014 | 127’ | English Subitles
Three generations of women seek refuge in their family’s Salento olive grove after their small textile business collapses in Winspeare’s warm and vibrant drama. With a radiant southern Italian backdrop, the women turn to a back-to-basics existence to help heal the wounds wrought by the recession, rendered here with equal parts pathos, insight, and humor.
The Director Edoardo Winspeare and the lead Actress Celeste Casciaro will introduce the film and a Q&A after the screening.

ARK OF DISPERATA by Edoardo Winspeare | Italy 2017 | 110’ English Subtitles |
At Disperata, a fictional small town in Southern Italy, the melancholy mayor Filippo Pisanelli feels terribly unfit for his role. Only a love of poetry and his passion for the literature lessons he gives to prison inmates admit a chink of light into his general state of depression. In jail he meets Pati, a small-time criminal from his own town. Pati and his brother Angiolino were dreaming of becoming the mafia bosses of Capo di Leuca, but the encounter with art changes everything and an unusual friendship between the three men will lead them to make courageous choices.
The Director Edoardo Winspeare and Actress Celeste Casciaro will introduce the film and a Q&A after the screening.

Born in 1965, he is a filmmaker with roots in Italy, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Denmark and the USA. He studied at the University of Television and Film in Munich and in 2000 founded the production company Saietta Film. He lives in a village near Santa Maria di Leuca in Salento, Apulia, which is the setting for all his films.


Data: Da Ven 8 Nov 2019 a Sab 9 Nov 2019

Organizzato da : SIFF

In collaborazione con : IIC Oslo; Ambasciata d'Italia in Oslo

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Iceland University in Reykjavik.