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TRASH - Virtual Exhibition - For FREE



TRASH - Virtual Exhibition - For FREE

Together with the online movie Trash which you can see on February 25 (see information further down), you can enter the Trash Virtual Exhibition related to it, where you will have the opportunity to discover Trash’s behind-the-scenes and all the creative process at the base of a modern animation movie.

You can visit the exhibition whenever you like from February 25 on, at the link: by entering one of the available access codes which you can find here:  (REMEMBER to tick the box of the code you will use)!


About the movie Trash which the Exhibition is based on:

What if at night, when humans are in bed asleep, the rubbish wakes up? In this journey of hope the main characters, different wasted and abandoned objects, have lost their faith in the future because they no longer believe in the legend of “the magic pyramid” – which is nothing more than the symbol of recycling – a mysterious place where rubbish that humans produce can regain value and a new function. An unexpected meeting, however, will change their minds and the group of friends will set off in search of the emblem of their rebirth. An inspiring story of hope and redemption where also trash has a soul and deserves a second chance!

This is the scenario that Luca della Grotta and Francesco Dafano have imagined in this cartoon, all made in Italy and settled in Rome with the support of CONAI (Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi-National Packaging Consortium), using modern animation techniques.
An enjoyable movie for both adults and kids that teaches that recycling serves to give a new purpose and meaning to what can just only appear as trash. The value of recycling and second chances are at the base of the message that this cartoon wants to transfer to the younger generations (and not only). For this reason, the movie, produced by #AlOne and distributed by #NotoriousPictures, has received the support of the Italian Consortium for the recycling of packaging that for over twenty years have been working for a more sustainable world.

You can register for FREE to see the movie on the 25th of February at the link  Once you have completed the registration, you will receive an email with the link to watch the movie on the day of the projection from 6:30 PM to 9 PM. The link provided will give you the possibility to watch the movie both from Norway and Iceland on MYmovies website.

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Data: Da Gio 25 Feb 2021 a Dom 14 Mar 2021

Organizzato da : IIC Oslo

Ingresso : Libero