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Salento International Film Festival 2021 - FREE event, in Norway and Iceland



Salento International Film Festival 2021 - FREE event, in Norway and Iceland

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From Monday March 1st to Sunday March 7th The Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo presents the 3rd Edition of the Oslo and Reykjavik Salento International Film Festival. Due to Covid19, this year the Festival will be exclusively in streaming.
Free event, registration mandatory open from Wednesday February 9 at 7am until March 6 at 6 pm through 


The Salento International Film Festival (Siff) is an intimate, intense and passionate film festival sharing stories from all over the world with the awareness that cinema is one of the most powerful forms of cultural communication and link between cultures and peoples.

SIFF continues its mission by sharing with the audience the work of independent cinema, Italian and international movies from all over the world, a unique opportunity to watch the real International Independent Cinema.

3 feature films and a documentary make up this year program in Oslo and Reykjavik:

AGADAH directed by Alberto Rondalli based on the celebrated The Saragossa Manuscript is a frame-tale novel written in French at the turn of 18th centuries by the Polish author Count Jan Potocki. A dreamlike, cabalistic, erotic and daring journey, capable of completely overwhelming the viewer; THE INVISIBLE PLAYER a film for fans of Italian cinema directed by Stefano Alpini. A masterfully shot riveting drama where suspicion turns into obsession; a dramatic story of friendship, love and internal struggle between good and evil in NEVER FOREVER directed by Fabio Massa. The documentary “Stromboli: As long as the heart beats” directed by the Swiss director Hanspeter Aliesch gives shape and voice to the homonymous volcanic island off the Italian coast.



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AGADAH directed by Alberto Rondalli | Italy 2018 | 126’
Cinematography by: Claudio Collepiccolo | Music: Alessandro Sironi |
Cast: Pilar López de Ayala, Nahuel Pérez Biscayart, Alessio Boni, Caterina Murino, Alessandro Haber, Valentina Cervi, Ivan Franek, Jordi Mollà, Flavio Bucci, Marco Foschi

A hieratic Count sits in his elegant mansion finishing his writings - Alphonse, a young Waloon officer, rides through the Murgia to reach his regiment in Naples but soon finds himself mysteriously detained at an inn in the strange and varied company of thieves, brigands, cabalists, noblemen, coquettes and gypsies, whose stories he records over ten days. A range of situations in stories-within-stories, which, like the Decameron and Tales from the Thousand and One Nights, provide entertainment on an epic scale. The two men's destiny intertwined, it is difficult to know who's real between the two and who belongs to the other's mind. This is a journey for both of them which Alphonse will continue, uncertain in the end, if his experiences were real or a dream


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THE INVISIBLE PLAYER directed by Stefano Alpini | Italy 2017 | 92’
Cinematography by: Antonio De Rosa | Music: Manfred Giampietro|
Cast: Luca Lionello, Sergio Albelli, Ludovica Bizzaglia

Professor Nari, an eminent university lecturer, is slandered by a mysterious anonymous letter "accusing" him of making a banal error in an article on the subject of betrayal. Who could hate him so much as to slander him publicly? Suspicion turns into obsession and not even his relationship with the young Olivia can assuage his anxiety about the loyalty of the people who surround him. Even his wife Anna betrays him with a former student, while Professor Daverio, always the runner-up, and in love with Nari's wife for years, commits suicide; this seems to confirm the suspicion of his "guilt", until the true author of the attack is suddenly unveiled.


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NEVER FOREVER Directed by Fabio Massa | Italy 2019 | 90’
Cinematography by: Rocco Marra | Edit by: Davide Franco
Cast: Cristina Donadio, Massimo Bonetti, Tony Campanozzi, Yuliya Mayarchuk

It's the story of friendship, love and an eternal struggle between good and evil. Between the cones of light and the areas of shadows, that can coexist in the life of each of us. It is Luca's life, a young man, who despite the comfort of his family, prefers to break his back in a machine shop that he owns far away from Napoli where he grew up and where his mother Silvana still lives with her new husband, Saverio, a successful lawyer, of whom Luca does not share his evil way of being and doing. The young man is engaged with Maria, a Ukrainian woman, who is few years older. The two are making plans for having a child and forming a real family, but..


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STROMBOLI: As long as the heart beats
Documentary directed by Hanspeter Aliesch | Switzerland 2020 | 102’
Writer: Hanspeter Aliesch | Writer: Rainer Leimeroth | Music: Andreas Pflüger

Maria, a woman in her nineties tells us her story of the Stromboli volcano in the period from 1930 until today. For many villagers of Stromboli, the volcano is both its Soul, and at the same time, a monster. And for some of them, the view of the volcano, was the last of their lives. During the great eruptions of 1930… Maria lost her grandfather. For many years, Maria has hoped that Grandpa is still alive. The fisherman, the philosopher, the cook… they're all dependent, bound to the mountain – a life in the unknown. This is Maria’s story… and a little bit of Stromboli's too.


Data: Da Lun 1 Mar 2021 a Dom 7 Mar 2021

Organizzato da : IIC Oslo; SIFF

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