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Italy in 10 Selfies - Symbola Foundation



Italy in 10 Selfies - Symbola Foundation

Italy in 10 selfies 2020 is a project curated by Fondazione Symbola, that presents some of the country’s strengths.

Italy is the second country in the world – after China – in fashion for market share, while the Italian wood furniture industry is first in Europe in circular economy. It also is one of the five countries in the world with a manufacturing surplus above $100 billion (109.5 billion euros). Italy confirms its position at the top of the world for agricultural areas cultivated with organic farming (15.5% of the national utilised agricultural area) and it has no competition in Europe for the number of organic producers. Despite some serious problems, Italy is a leader in the circular economy with the highest percentage of recycling (79%) of all waste. In yachting, Italy has no rivals as well. It is first in Europe by number of cultural enterprises and first in the world along with China for UNESCO sites. In all sectors, the environmental choices strengthen economy and society.

Italy in 10 selfies is also about that: bringing together some of the country’s strengths, not very well known but to be proud of (and others could be added). Symbola shows “how many partitions Italy has”, the strongest forces on which to focus in order to mobilise the country and zero the net GHG emission by 2050. From this point on, it is possible to face the long-standing woes of Italy: public debt, unequal distribution of wealth, unemployment, illegality, a suffocating bureaucracy and the backwardness of the South. To rediscover that shared mission, essential to relaunch not just economically, Europe as a major player for the climate challenge and make it a privileged place for human hope.

The data reported in the 10 selfies that we are going to publish in the next weeks cover different sectors and fields: from industry to agriculture, from craft to services, from design to research that often hides in the creases of our pocket-sized SMEs and multinationals. The protagonists are many economic, social, institutional talents that Symbola records, narrates and connects through its initiatives, developed together with many travel companions.

An Italy that makes Italy, active on global markets thanks also to circular economy, green economy and culture, which combines competitivity, environment, social cohesion, innovation and ancient traditions, empathy and new technologies, beauty, human capital and bond with the territory. A country which, as the Assisi Manifesto states, can give an important contribution in the climate challenge together with Europe in trying to build a safer, more civilised, kinder world.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on our social platforms (Facebook and Instagram), you will disocover a new image - selfie - that portray Italy.

Fondazione Symbola is the Foundation that promotes and aggregates Italian Quality. Through research, events and projects, the Foundation unites personalities from the scientific, academic, institutional, associative and entrepreneurial world who contribute to the diffusion of Quality through concrete actions, in order to increase social cohesion, well-being and competitiveness of the country. Symbola tells about companies and institutions that improve the country by focusing on innovation and development, beauty and creativity, human capital and territory.


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