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TASTE OF EUROPE - Mediterranean Night



TASTE OF EUROPE - Mediterranean Night

Come and join us on this Mediterranean Night here at the Italian Culturale Institute to celebrate the first edition of
TASTE OF EUROPE: A Food & Film Festival!

In cooperation with the Embassies of Portugal, Spain and Greece we will, through film screenings, talk and some typical food from the region, offer a taste of the Mediterrenean region. The initiative is part of the EUNIC Norway event Taste of Europe which takes place from June 11 to June 22, please see the whole program here  and here. Come and join us also on the Opening Reception at SALT Art&Culture on June 15, 16.30-20.00



17.00 - 18.00: Round Table on the Mediterranean Diet by the Spanish chef Hector Guardia and prof. Fabio Amedei from ALMA, the School of Italian Culinary Art.

18.00 - 19.00: Film: Food Rebels" by Paolo Casalis (Italy )

19.00 - 19.45: Break - Reception 

19.45 - 20.45: Film: An Ocean Away From Home by Pedro Magano (Portugal )

20.45 - 22.00: Film: When Tomatoes Met Wagner by Marianna Economou (Greece)

Free entrance


About the films. English subtitles:

iribellidelcibo   Food Rebels (I ribelli del cibo) by Paolo Casalis (2021), 0h53
"Through four stories, Food Rebels tells the life of small
food producers, their enthusiasm and their difficulties,
between minimum every day targets (in short, economical
survival) and a very high ambition: changing the world of
food, dominated by large retailers and low quality food.
The microcosm of South Tyrol, a land where tradition and
innovation go hand in hand, is the background to universal
and urgent themes, which find a particularly fertile humus
here. Food Rebels is not a film of protest, but a
documentary that gives voice to concrete proposals and


unmardedistancia   An Ocean Away From Home (A Um Mar de Distância)
by Pedro Magano (2017), 0h53
"Nobody knows the exact number of Portuguese
fishermen that died in the cod fishing campaigns, during
the dictatorship decades of the XXth century. Buried in the
sea, or in faraway places in Newfoundland and Greenland,
those sailors were left behind by the same country that
glorified their role in the national efforts to rebuild the
image of Portugal as a Country of seamen and navigators.
Telling the stories of some of these anonymous men is our
way of rescuing them from the oblivion, and of taking them
– or their memory, at least - back home."


whentomatoesmetwagner   When Tomatoes met Wagner by Marianna Economou (2019),
"A humorous and uplifting story of two ingenious Greek
cousins, who tackle the world market with their organic
tomato products. This film touches on the challenges of
farming, marketing and of course the sad gentrification of
villages in Greece."






Data: fre 17 jun 2022

Orario: Alle 17:00

Organizzato da : IIC Oslo

In collaborazione con : The Embassies of Spain, Portugal and Greece

Ingresso : Libero


IIC Oslo, Oscarsgt. 56