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Den italienske språkuken: "Calcinculo - Swing Ride" av Chiara Bellosi



Den italienske språkuken:

For each of us, there's a different reason to jump on the ride. But when it starts spinning fast, it’s like flying and we don’t want to get off. This is what happens to Benedetta when she meets Amanda and decides to follow her into her vagabond world.

Benedetta, an obese fifteen-year-old yearning for attention, lives in a tawdry province in the south of Italy, emblematic of her inner landscape where everything could be and yet is not.
She falls in love with Armando, aka Amanda, a young transvestite who is attracted to the young girl's innocence and begins an unhealthy relationship of mutual dependence with her. Amanda runs a carousel at the fair across the street from Benedetta's house, and the girl is magnetically drawn to this colorful and exciting world. But Amanda not only runs the carousel, she's also a call boy and sells drugs.
Between intoxication and family rebellion and the discovery of sex - a great disappointment - she completes her rite of passage into adulthood.

Filmen er tekstet på engelsk.


I anledning Den italienske språkuken fortsetter vi vårt mangeårige samarbeid med Den sveitsiske ambassaden i Oslo og viser også i år en film fra den italienske kantonen Ticino i Sveits. Kvelden avsluttes med en enkel servering som Den sveitsiske ambassaden står for. 


Skeivt kulturår - I forbindelse med filmens tema slutter vi, sammen med Den sveitiske ambassaden, oss til initiativet "Skeivt kulturår - Queer Culture Year - Kamp, frihet og feiring"


ITALY / SWITZERLAND, February 2022
Fiction, 90 min.

DIRECTED BY - Chiara Bellosi
WRITTEN BY - Maria Teresa Venditti, Luca De Bei

Gaia Di Pietro as Benedetta
Andrea Carpenzano as Amanda
Giandomenico Cupaiuolo as Marco
Francesca Antonelli as Silvana
Alessio Praticò
Barbara Chichiarelli as Anna


Data: tor 20 okt 2022

Orario: Alle 18:30

Organizzato da : IIC Oslo; Embassy of Switzerland

In collaborazione con : Comitato Dante Alighieri-Oslo

Ingresso : Libero


IIC Oslo, Oscarsgt. 56