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Borse Di Studio


Borse Di Studio

Det italienske utenriksministeriet inngår bilaterale og multilaterale avtaler med andre land, hvor man også enes om hvilke studiestipender Italia skal stille til rådighet for utenlandske statsborgere og motsatt, hvilke studiestipender italienske borgere kan få fra andre land.

Det generelle regelverket ligger på Utenriksministeriets offisielle nettsted

Study grants awarded by the Italian government to foreigners

The Italian government awards study grants to foreigners as a contribution toward their studies and research in Italy in an effort to encourage international cultural cooperation and the dissemination of the Italian language, culture and sciences.

For detailed information on the universities and institutes of higher education concerned, the types of grants, their period of use and duration, the requirements to be elegible as well as procedures and deadlines for application and other useful information please see The Italian Government webpage here

All applicants must fill in the on-line application form at “Borse on Line” (