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Matera 15/19 – Episodio II.

Siamo lieti di presentare il secondo episodio della serie documentaristica “Matera 15/19”: “Immigrato stabilitosi a Matera”. Il primo episodio è stato proiettato all’IIC a novembre 2017.

The series of documentaries “Matera 15/19” describe the Basilicata and South Italy for a duration of four years, starting in 2015, on the occasion of the international event that has proclaimed the Città dei Sassi (literary “City of Rocks”) as the European Capital of Culture 2019. 

La regista Vania Cauzillo sarà presente alla serata e farà una presentazione del film.

Piccolo rinfresco a cura di Italia A Tavola Con.

matera15 19 ii logo

Matera is an ancient and fascinating city, but it is also isolated and less known than many others Italian towns. However, every year many foreigners decide to stop here, among the history and the beauty of the city, searching for a new life. Migrants, expats, students and workers: they are very different from each other, but they all chose Matera as a new home.

Why Matera? Where do the new inhabitants of the city come from? What are they looking for? How do they influence the territory? What do they lose and what they earn moving here? And above all, what is it that makes them feel at home in Matera? We want to start this movie from the concept of home itself: how do we all decide what is home and where to live according to different cultures and aspirations?

From the “Sassi”, the typical houses dug into the calcarenitic rock, to the more modern part of the city, we also explore – thanks to a team of young architects – the evolution of urban architecture in Matera. Entering the houses of the new inhabitants of the city to discover rites, habits, dreams and fears that we only share where we feel more secure: between the walls of our own home.

PAPE is Senegalese. He arrived in Matera in 2010. In 2012, his wife and children joined him here. He graduated in Literature and hopes to have “a better future” than the one he could have dreamt of in Senegal. Today he is a cultural mediator in a center for unaccompanied minors, an institute in Paterno, a small center not far from Matera. He lives five days a week in the center and then, during the weekend, he returns home, in Matera, where he spends all his time with his family and his African community.
He was a vucumprà, a peddler who sold counterfeit products – bags, shoes – for a few euros a day. Today he is a fundamental resource for the social fabric of Matera.

* * * * *

Directed by Vania Cauzillo
Written by Laura Grimaldi, Vania Cauzillo
Series created by Fabrizio Nucci, Nicola Rovito
Produced by Open Fields Productions
Co-Produced by GotFat Productions
In collaboration with Effenove, ArifaFilm, Aarhus 2017
With the support of Comune di Irsina, Lucana Film Commission
Partner BCC Basilicata
Executive Producers Fabrizio Nucci, Nicola Rovito, Puk Lodahl Eisenhar, Paolo Mariano Leone
Associate Producer Pierpaolo Bonofiglio
Director of photography Peter Sørensen
Editing Martina Nogarotto
Editing Assistant Giuseppe Catanzaro
Floor sound engineer Daniele De Angelis
Sound editing Luigi Porto
Assistant Director Michele Stella
Production Assistant Gianluca Salerno
Opening title sequence Effenove
Music by TreesTakeLife
Music produced by Milk – Minds in a Lovely Karma

LENGHT: 53 minutes
GENRE: documentary
YEAR: 2018
FORMAT: color

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  • Organizzato da: IIC Oslo
  • In collaborazione con: Matera 15/19