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Pier Paolo Pasolini: Realism, Space and Bodies in the Cinema of Poetry – PASOLINI 100

Realistic, sacred, mannerist, controversial, pornographic, marxist, poetic, provocative are some of the adjectives used to describe Pasolini’s cinematic experience. Following the path from Accattone to Salò, through the language of the unconscious to the discourse of reality, and from the critical view to the poetic vision, this conference aims to present Pasolini’s cinema of reality and cinema of poetry.

The conference (in English) is by Marco Gargiulo as part of the celebration of 100 years of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the great Italian film director, poet, writer, and intellectual.  


Marco Gargiulo is professor of Italian language and culture at the University of Bergen. His research interests are sociolinguistics, with a focus on realism and multilingualism in Italian cinema and urban space, language policy and didactics, social conflict, languages and youth cultures.


pasolini cinema 7.3.22


  • Organizzato da: IIC Oslo