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“Small Body” di Laura Samani al film festival “Stockfish” a Reykjavik

SMALL BODY (2021) by Laura Samani
Set in Italy, in 1900. The protagonist Agata is a young woman who embarks herself on a desperate journey to reach a mysterious sanctuary to save her daughter’s soul from the eternal damnation of Limbo. This screening is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Oslo.
“This gorgeous first feature from Italian director Laura Samani is as enchanting as it is unusual.” – Wendy Ide. Observer (UK)

“A minor masterpiece of modern filmmaking.”
Rob Aldam. Backseat Mafia

Screenings at Bio Paradìs, Reykjavik:
25th of March at 17:00
27th of March at 19:10
28th of March at 19:00

Information and tickets here

About the Stockfish Film Festival 2023:

WELCOME TO STOCKFISH 2023 – Industry and film festival in Iceland
“An industry and film realm for all” (design reference to the crown)

Stockfish festival is a non-profit organization, funded by the professional societies of filmmakers in Iceland, with a focus on establishing meaningful connections to implement and benefit cross-border collaborations between the Icelandic and
International film industries.
The ninth Stockfish Festival will be held from March 23rd – April 02nd 2023.
With Hrönn Kristinsdóttir serving as the new artistic director and Carolina Salas as managing director, Stockfish film festival continues to unfold as an emerging space that creates powerful dialogues and nurtures a professional, open-source platform to network, co-create, and provide better opportunities with a diverse approach to innovation. Stockfish is the place for the film industry to take action in Iceland.
Every effort is made to operate Stockfish in a professional, transparent and democratic manner with a board made up of members from the professional associations of the film industry in Iceland. Stockfish’s board consists of SKL, Kristín Andrea Þórðardóttir, FK, Arnar Þórisson, SÍK, Anton Máni Svansson, FÍL, Þórunn Lárusdóttir, FLH, Ragnar Bragason and ÍKS, Tómas Tómasson.
In close collaboration with the Icelandic Film Centre (IFC) and Bíó Paradís, the first and only artistic cinema in Iceland, Stockfish has grounded itself over the years as a focused, interesting and appealing film hub that serves as a nexus between domestic and foreign industries.
A “Works in Progress” presentation will take place during Stockfish Industry days, showcasing pieces from the latest Icelandic film and TV productions. This event will be live-streamed and recorded in collaboration with the Nordic House in Iceland to reach professionals that can not join us in person. Projects within the WIP aim to implement their distribution and promotional potential. Strengthening its mission, the festival innovates by bringing forward a yearly “Industry in Focus”, 2023 will host a delegation and side program from Slovakia, in collaboration with Kino Usmev and Bío Paradís.
Furthermore and as a novelty, Stockfish 2023 will confer an honorary award for “An outstanding contribution to the film industry,” an approach to bestow prominent professionals from the academic, production, distribution, market and film festival scenes.
Stockfish will be also presenting an ambitious program for festival guests, selected international award-winning films as well as various special screenings and retrospectives will be accompanied by highly esteemed guests from around the globe. Indeed, Stockfish is well attended by renowned industry professionals including directors, press and media representatives, distributors, and film buyers
from around the globe.
The 2023 program will contain around 20 international titles. Emphasis will also be placed on films that received nominations and awards at the European Film Awards hosted in Reykjavik in December 2022 that have not yet been shown in Iceland.
In addition, a lineup of 20 short films will be participating in the short film competition- Sprettfisk. Sprettfisk focuses on the promotion and discovery of new talent; 4 categories are registered and awarded: Best short narrative, Best short documentary, Best music
video and Best short experimental. Cash prices are supported by Industry businesses KULK & Simmin. Spreettfisk makes Stockfish a valuable showcase for new talent.
Last – Stockfish will host a side experimental program curated by Physical Cinema programmer Helena Jónsdóttir, selected works are bordering on physical performance, visual arts, sound and cinema. The films and installations in the program are innovative and refreshing in their approach. Some films have challenging storylines, some are abstract, and other installations deconstruct or
render a poetic experience of space.


  • Organizzato da: Stockfish, IIC Oslo