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A Body of Memory (from neurons to the sea) – Binta Diaw a Trondheim Kunsthall

La mostra collettiva internazionale, “A Body of Memory (from neurons to the sea)” che si svolgerà  alla Kunsthall di Trondheim dal 22 .6 al 10.9,, esplora il ruolo che i ricordi gioca per la nostra comprensione d’identità dove i ricordi costituiscono la base del nostro sé, e il ruolo dei ricordi nel futuro tecnologico e in connessione della neuroscienza. 
Tra i nove partecipanti della mostra, troviamo l’artista italiana Binta Diaw.

Binta Diaw costriuira’ una nuova versione di un’opera centrale della sua pratica artistica, “Uati’s Wisdom” (2020):

Binta Diaw’s installation takes the West African deity and water goddess, Mami Wata, as a starting point.
The artist is inspired by ancient African matriarchal traditions and the communities who revered this figure and were manipulated by colonizers and missionaries that attempted to strip women of power and self-governance.
Recuperating this non-Western siren known for embodying ritual, sacred ceremonies and threatening men as a sea monster, Diaw carves out a meditative alternative sanctuary in the gallery. The artist’s choice of material points to the importance of hair for African and Black women.
Empowering this bodily extension as a sculptural and architectural form, Diaw subverts the ongoing power structures of white supremacy and white privilege that treat Black women as bodies to invade and control.
The work’s invocation of Mami Wata cuts across the borders of time and geography, evoking the ancient Egyptian word for ocean water (Uati) in its title, the artist forms a physical and commemorative network that celebrates radical traditions of African matriarchy.

Binta Diaw (b.1995) is a Senegalese-Italian visual artist based in Milan, Italy.

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  • Organizzato da: Trondheim Kunsthall